We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

We are getting a new look and name but don’t worry the remarkable care is staying the same.

Our aim is to provide you with fast access to your fertility status, allowing you to make an informed and empowered choice about your fertility options. We offer a complete range of infertility investigations undertaken by our Fertility Specialists.

  • First Appointment – You can call (020 7993 0870) to make an appointment for your AMH blood test to be carried out. If a male partner is also to be assessed he will need to attend for a semen analysis to be carried out.
  • Second Appointment – (both partners to attend if undertaking as a couple). An appointment will be arranged for the consultation with one of our Fertility Specialists after a minimum of one working day to enable us to process the blood results.
  • During this appointment, the Fertility Specialist will perform an ultrasound scan. This is an internal scan in order for your reproductive organs to be properly examined. The scan ideally would be performed in the first half of the menstrual cycle.
  • The scan will assess your uterus to check for any abnormalities and look at your ovaries to determine the number of antral follicles. This, coupled with the AMH result, gives an accurate measure of female fertility and your likely response to any medication.

The Fertility Specialist will then sit with you and guide you through all your results. They will be able to give you an accurate assessment of your fertility and explain the options available to you. There is no obligation to have any treatment.

To book your Fertility Assessment today please contact us on 020 7993 0870.


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